Maître BEKAIRI adapts his fees to the needs and resources of his clients

In accordance with the National Internal Regulations of the profession of lawyer, Maître BEKAIRI informs his clients, from the first meeting, of the procedures for determining his fees and regularly informs them of the evolution of their amount.

Maître BEKAIRI's fees are set by mutual agreement with his clients, depending in particular on the time spent on the case.

Maître BEKAIRI's fees can take the form of an hourly rate, a flat rate (associated with a performance fee, if applicable) or a subscription.

Under his conditions, Maître BEKAIRI offers his clients to sign a fee agreement specifying in particular the amount or the method of determining the fees (hourly rate, flat rate, subscription, etc.), as well as the various costs envisaged.

Maître BEKAIRI may ask his clients for the prior payment of a provision against his costs and fees.

Maître BEKAIRI can also offer its clients a schedule , in the event of financial difficulties .

Payment of Master BEKAIRI's fees can be made by check, transfer or cash and will result in the establishment of an invoice.

Master Bekairi accepts